Elektroniczna instrukcja obsługi Fujitsu Fi 72x0

Elektroniczna instrukcja obsługi Fujitsu Fi 72x0 to zaawansowane narzędzie do zarządzania dokumentami. Umożliwia skanowanie i dostęp do dokumentów, a także edycję i edytowanie ich zawartości. Instrukcja obsługi oferuje również narzędzia do wyszukiwania, kategoryzacji i porządkowania dokumentów. Umożliwia także tworzenie i wysyłanie kopii zapasowych dokumentów w celu uniknięcia utraty danych. Dzięki elektronicznej instrukcji obsługi Fujitsu Fi 72x0 można łatwo gromadzić, przechowywać i udostępniać istotne dane biznesowe.

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fi 7160/ fi 7260/fi 7180/ fi 7280
fi-7160/ fi-7260/ fi-7180/ fi-7280 Image Scanner Image Scanner
- - - -
Getting Started Getting Started
Thank you for purchasing the fi-7160/fi-7260/fi-7180/fi-7280 color image scanner. This manual describes
the preparation required to use this product. Follow the procedures in this manual. Make sure to read the
attached "Safety Precautions" manual before using the scanner. For details about scanner functions and
features, basic operation, dail

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2D Barcode for PaperStream Safety Information [fi-7180/fi-7280] This option can recognize two dimensional The attached Safety Precautions manual contains codes. important information about the safe and correct Can be used with the PaperStream IP use of this product. Make sure that you read and understand it before using the scanner. (TWAIN) driver, the PaperStream IP (TWAIN x64) driver, the PaperStream IP (ISIS) driver, or PaperStream Capture. Symbols Used in This For fi-7160/fi-7260, t
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User’s Guide Hard disk 5, 400 rpm or more Includes Safety Precautions, Getting Started, drive (Recommended: 7, 200 rpm or more) Operator's Guide, and fi-718PR Imprinter 1 GB or more Operator's Guide. Memory (Recommended: 4 GB or more) Scanner Central Admin Agent Display 1024 × 768 pixels or more, Used to centralize the management of multiple resolution 65, 536 colors or more scanners, by allowing you to apply firmware updates simultaneously, monitor the operating Hard disk 2. 2 GB or more of
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4. Follow the instructions on the screen to ■ Installation (Recommended) proceed with the installation. The following software are installed: PaperStream IP (TWAIN) Driver Installing the Scanner PaperStream IP (TWAIN x64) Driver Software Operation Panel Install the scanner in the following procedure. Error Recovery Guide 1. Place the scanner at its installation site. PaperStream Capture ATTENTION ScanSnap Manager for fi Series Carry the scanner by supporting it from the ABBYY FineReader
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2. Unlock the transport lock switch. Connecting the Cables For fi-7260/fi-7280, there is a carrier unit inside the flatbed which is fixed in place to Connect each cable in the following procedure. prevent damage during transportation. AC cable Slide the transport lock switch on the front. Power connector Locked Unlocked 4 4 AC adapter 2 3 Transport lock switch USB connector 1 3. Attach the ADF paper chute (Feeder). 2 Insert the tabs into the slots on the back of USB cable the scanner in the d
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3. Connect the AC cable to the AC adapter 2. Select the language to be displayed on the (hereinafter called the "power cable"). LCD. For details, refer to "Chapter 4 How to Use WARNING the Operator Panel" in the Operator's Guide. Only use the supplied power cable. 3. Turn on the computer. To prevent electrical shock or scanner The scanner is automatically detected. malfunction, do not perform the following: Use a different power cable ATTENTION Use the supplied power cable for other If th
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5. Start up PaperStream Capture. Contact for Inquiries Select the [Start] menu [All Programs] [PaperStream Capture] [PaperStream Refer to the contact list on the last page of the ® Capture] (for Windows Server 2012 or Safety Precautions manual. ® Windows 8, right-click the Start screen, select [All apps] on the app bar, and then ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap™ select [PaperStream Capture] under Select [Start] menu [All Programs] [PaperStream Capture]). [ABBYY FineReader for ScanSnap

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Elektroniczna instrukcja obsługi Fujitsu Fi 72x0

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